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MUVU facemask, with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral features



MUVU fabrics are made using patented and exclusive technology called Regenactiv. The difference between this and other available fabrics is, on the one hand, the composition of the fibre of the thread, to which chitin / chitosan (Q / Qo) and ionic silver particles have been incorporated; and on the other hand, the way it is made, using a unique process, incorporating elements during the spinning process: giving the fabric its special characteristic of durability against use and washing (tested by washing more than 135 times and sterilized using a steam pressure autoclave at 121ºC).

Regenactiv technology has been considered an innovation in therapeutic textiles for more than 10 years.

University studies carried out on the action of silver in viruses such as HIV and respiratory viruses such as the Influenza A virus, and in both cases it has been confirmed that silver stops the build up of surface proteins that allow viruses to colonise/infect target cells.


  1. Its ergonomic design, with reinforced elastic bands around the edges, make it more comfortable and easier to adjust while using.
  2. They can be used by any member of the general population when leaving their homes to avoid the propagation and possible infection of the virus, by people (patients) who have to stay at home with a mild infection, as well as those who look after them. In these cases it should be considered a PPE (personal protective equipment) in addition to the recommended protection for their own personal healthcare.
  3. They can also be used by healthcare workers, as a complementary element to their other protection materials (surgical mask) and as such increase the total capacity for trapping particles and blocking infection.
  4. For healthcare workers that use high safety facemasks, the Muvu facemask fabric avoids this equipment coming into direct contact with the skin, protecting its integrity throughout an intense working day.


  • 50% Polyamide AG
  • 41% Viscose CH
  • 9% Elastane

Facemask with silver ions, with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral features

Reusable by sterilization with a steam pressure autoclave procedure at 121ºC and washable (60ºC, 135 times)


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